Maximize Your Productivity in 2024

TCWorkflow is packed with features and functionality that have been specifically designed
to make you more productive and to put time and money back into your pocket.


Google Integrated

TCWorkflow is the only certified transaction management platform on the market that seamlessly synchronizes with Google and G Suite.

Send emails, add dates to your calendars, send invites, import email attachments, upload files to Google drive, sync your contacts, and much more...

Outlook Integrated

Just like our Google integration, TCWorkflow seamlessly synchronizes with your Outlook and Office 365.

Send emails, add dates to your calendars, send invites, import email attachments, sync your contacts, and much more...


Dropbox Integrated

TCWorkflow gives you integrated tools to easily upload and download files directly from your Dropbox account into your workflows (transactions and listings).

Dotloop Integrated

Easily import your Loops from your Dotloop account.

Import the Loop details, contacts, documents, placeholders, and everything else in a matter of seconds.


Task Templates

Your transactions are always built around the tasks that you need to complete. Our task tools give you the ability to create re-usable templates which you can use over and over again.

Here's a few incredible things you can do with task templates: Pre-assign tasks to yourself or your team members, schedule task dates to be automatically added to your Google or Outlook calendar, and make tasks contingent on one another or transaction dates.

You can also color code your tasks, set them as recurring, pin them, make them milestones, and even create parent child relationships (where one task cannot be closed before the other).

Email Templates

Communication is the lifeblood of any successful real estate professional.

As you know, sending emails is one of your top methods of communication. If you're still writing emails by hand, and copying pasting content into the message, you're working way to hard.

Our email tools give you the ability to create re-usable templates complete with merge fields, contact assignment (to, cc, bcc), pre-loaded attachments, and smart file roles.


Document Checklist Templates

Chasing documents from buyer to seller and from agent to agent is a full time job. Now it's much simpler.

Our document tools give you the ability to create re-usable templates to track documents through the various stages of document execution: "missing", "out for signature", "full executed", "broker signed", etc.

If a document is out for signature, you can turn the respective badge yellow. If it is signed, turn the badge green. If it's missing, turn it red. You can color code all steps of the signature process to keep you fully aware of the status of any document.

Once you apply a document template to a workflow, you can add notes and upload the digital document such as pdf, excel, etc.

Workflow Date Templates

Calculating your transaction and listing dates has never been easier.

Workflow date template give you the ability to automatically populate dates in a transaction or listing without having to do it by hand.


Workflow Field Templates

Chances are, your listing contracts need many different fields than your transaction contracts.

By using a workflow field template, you can quickly display only the fields you need for each contract type.

99% Email Success Rate

When you send an email through TCWorkflow, it's actually coming directly from your Gmail (or Outlook) account.

Because TCWorkflow facilitates both the Gmail and Outlook API's to send messages, we can boast a 99% success rate.

Moreover, all messages which you've sent from TCWorkflow will also log inside of the "Sent" folder of your native email application.

You can have peace of mind that you always have access to all of your messages all of the time.

Say goodbye to "Your message has been sent to SPAM".


Add Custom Fields

Build the system you need, the way you need it...

TCWorkflow is the only real estate transaction management platform that gives you the ability to create custom fields for your content.

Need a custom date field, no problem.

Need a custom text field, we've got that covered too.

You can add 6 different field types: date, text, textarea (for paragraphs), decimal, number, and choice (with a drop down menu).

Moreover, when you create a custom field it will automatically create a merge field for your email templates too.

Date Contingencies

Easily create dates or tasks which are contingent on other dates or tasks.

For instance, if your "Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)" is due 1 business after the "Contract Agreement", just create a date contingency.

Now, if your "Contract Agreement" changes, your "Earnest Money Deposit (EMD)" will also adjust automatically.

Moreover, if your dates are synchronized with Google or Outlook, we'll automatically update your calendar too.


Full Document Management

TCWorkflow provides, solid, secure, cloud based document management.

You can store, sync, merge, split, and upload documents into the TCWorkflow cloud as well as automatically add them your Google Drive, Dropbox, and Dotloop account.

Split & Merge Documents

TCWorkflow can handle splitting and merging your PDF files.

Quickly split any PDF document into multiple parts.

If you need to combine PDF documents, that is a breeze too.


Effortless Task Management

Set tasks as milestones, pin them, group them, assign them, color them, attach them to emails & documents, chain them together as contingencies, sync them, and even add them as events to your Google calendar.

Your tasks can pretty much do everything you need.

What's on your agenda today?

The TCWorkflow task pipeline gives you an entire overview of everything you have on your plate.

You can view up to 7 days worth of tasks at a time as well as "Past Due" and "Unscheduled tasks".

The tasks pipeline can be filtered by workflow, search phrase, color of tasks, assigned user, and so on.


Import Email Attachments

TCWorkflow includes your entire inbox (Gmail, G Suite, and Outlook) so you can easily access all of your emails and import attachments directly into your workflows.

No longer do you have to jump back and forth between your software and your email. We've built it together.

Schedule Your Emails

TCWorkflow gives you the ability to easily schedule emails for automatic delivery.

Just set the delivery date and time and then sit back, we'll take it from there.


Account and User Reporting

Easily build reports to see exactly how your business is progressing.

You can report on how many transactions and listings you and your team members have processed as well as how many tasks, emails, and files you've uploaded (just to name a few options).

One-Sheets & Summary Reports

Inside of TCWorkflow can create one-sheets and summary reports that can be sent to any or all contacts of the transaction.

You can also easily design the transaction one-sheet and summary report with your custom colors, logo, fonts, and content.

When you're finished, can set it for automatic delivery and we'll send it out for you.



Easily import all of your contacts, tasks, transactions, listings, checklists, and canned emails directly into TCWorkflow.

TCWorkflow allows you easy access to your API (Google and Outlook) contacts so all you have to do is click one button and your contacts are automatically loaded.

Because our system lets you map your CSV, you data doesn't have to be in any specific format.

Bottomline: If you can export it out of another system, you import it into TCWorkflow.

Marketplace of Templates

TCWorkflow gives all users access to our open marketplace of templates.

Here you can download free templates such as email templates, task templates, document templates, and task templates.

Once you download a template, it's yours! You can tweak it to work perfectly for you and your team.


Plus, many more features and integrations...

Taka a free 14 day no obligation trial. No credit card required!