We've Got Some New Updates on the Way

As you’ve probably heard, we’re growing! That’s good news for all of us because we’re all getting a little bit better every day. The market space we’re carving out for transaction coordinators is indeed underserved, and our service addresses your pain points: we’re helping you build your business.

We’ve been taking stock of your comments on our Facebook group, support channels, webinars, and in one-on-one chats with you. It has become clear to us that you want more and that we can do more for you. Therefore, we’re gonna!

We believe our system is the best transaction management tool on the market, and we aim to keep it that way. Since we started a little over a year ago, we have pushed 3,819 updates to our servers. You don’t get to see all the work that’s done under the hood, but our guys basically live in beast mode, generating bajillions of lines of code to better serve you, helping you actually generate the numbers you used to dream about. To date, we have helped our users cumulatively earn over $14 million in revenue. Great job!

But we’re just getting started.

Our next update is anticipated for late June, and since the list of bennies is so long, we’re just gonna hit you with ‘em without further delay. Here’s what’s coming.

  • Accounting: Full integration with Quickbooks, Freshbooks, and Wave. Create new invoices inside your workflows or append existing invoices with new line items.

  • Summaries: Multiple summary reports for all workflows. Send a separate report to your buyer, seller, and/or agent, all with different options and scheduled times.

  • Display Only Missing Documents: You now have the option to show only missing documents on your summaries. This has been a popular request in our community, and we’re happy to respond.

  • More Email Address Options: Send emails using your Outlook and G Suite email addresses.
  • Team Members: Unlimited team members for all accounts (you can scale your team with no limits). If you want to add one hundred new team members, go for it.
  • Client Portal: We’re taking the client portal out of beta. You can now add unlimited client portal users to your workflows. Invite everyone!
  • Mobile Responsive Layout: New mobile-friendly layout: Access nearly everything from your phone.

  • Dedicated Workflow Email Address: Each workflow will get a unique email identifier for every transaction (e.g. 12345+workflow@tcworkflow.com). This means your agents or buyers can directly email the workflow and you can accept documents (you get to choose which document types you accept, such as only .pdf). Also, if you BCC the workflow address in your emails, you can log all your emails to the workflow for easy future access.

  • More Organization: You can now create categories (using tags) for your task templates (e.g., your email template could have the following searchable tags: #buyer, #escrow, #multi party).

  • Workflow Field Groups and Subgroups: Fully customizable workflow field groups and subgroups. Right now, you can only add and modify workflow fields. With our new improvements to the workflow field section, you can modify your groups and subgroups as well, plus add your own. How awesome is that?

  • Custom Reporting: You can run a report to show the total number of workflows closing in a given month or see how many transactions belong to a certain contact— you name it.

And there’s more to come because we're always adding new features and improving what already exists!

We’re constantly working to make this the best transaction management solution in the real estate industry. We scale to fit you, whether you’re flying solo or running your own army. Think you might be able to close more deals, save more time, and make more money? Yeah, we think so, too. Look for all these changes in late June. Now get out there are close some deals, will ya? Go build your business. We’ll build your software.