You Build Your Business. We'll Build Your Software.

There's an old legend about two tribes at war; one hidden high atop steep, sloping mountains and the other spread under the shelter of an immense forest below. It happened one day that the mountain tribe came and abducted a small girl from the forest tribe, escaping with their hostage using secret trails and climbing paths known only to the mountain tribe. Once lodged high in their fortress, the mountaineers issued their demand: surrender or the child would die.

The foresters knew nothing of mountaineering, but they sent one hundred of their strongest warriors to find the child and rescue her. After days of frustration on the slopes, they realized that they'd hardly begun and began to despair not only of their task but also the life of the girl they were bound to rescue. As they looked up, they saw a figure descending from the precarious heights. It was a woman, and slung tightly to her back was the girl they had been seeking to rescue.

Amazed, the chieftain of the hundred approached the woman, asking her how she had succeeded where they, the likeliest of candidates, had failed. Her eyes were so fierce that he broke off and looked away as she explained the reason. "She is not yours."

The warriors were brave and strong, but the mother laid hold of something that made her far braver and stronger. And that is why we believe that why you do what you do makes an enormous difference.

Of underdogs and the unsung

America has always loved an underdog, and we're not looking to change that. In fact, we champion the cause. We are one. Further, the underdog is precisely who we work for. We like unlikely candidates because that's who we are. If you're familiar with the stench of failure and know it as a beginning rather than an ending, you understand our dialect. You're not afraid of it; you embrace it as the way in which all of us learn most effectively. In fact, you know that it's better to fail small and often than to fail big, and as a result, you don't waste your time building immense projects without regular constructive feedback. You understand that everything is better when we collaborate. Community and teams are much more conducive to success than lone wolves. You get all of that, so you're our kind of people; good people. We would rather rub elbows with those who have dared to try and suffered failure than those cold and timid souls who know neither victory nor defeat. We know what it takes to be successful: that you never give up. And you know that's precisely what's happening here.

We don't stop

Let us state for the record that we built this company from the ground up on nothing more and nothing less than what our customers were telling us they needed, where they hurt most, what they wanted to see, and where they wanted to be able to go. We have stayed in our lane, diligently writing code, grinding the Mighty Axe of R&D on the whetstone of toil until it was sharp and potent, and, if we say so ourselves, we've made something kind of amazing here.

Like you, we have had to shut down naysayers and we've had to extricate ourselves from rooms full of quitters. You know more than anybody around you that there's a price to pay when you emancipate yourself from the status quo crowd. But when you find like-minded people, those who embrace the hard-earned truths you hold dear, a synergistic loyalty is forged between us, making all of us greater than the sum of our parts and able to do far more than the likely candidates could ever imagine was possible.

The lowercase i

We're all about automation, and speaking of, we're like the lowercase i in automation; we take our place in the middle without drawing attention. Nevertheless, we know that things wouldn't be the same without us. That's not bragging; it's simply being at peace with our identity. And making it happen every day.

Just like you. You're setting the pace, doing twice and three times what your competitors do because they don't have TCWorkflow. And you're less stressed than they are because you do way more with less. You understand that TCWorkflow really does give you what we say: more time. With that, you can do a lot. You can make choices instead of feeling like you don't have any. You might even say that TCWorkflow doesn't just provide transaction management software; we offer hope. Hope that you can do more with less, hope that you can get your life back by automating what really ought to be taking care of itself, hope that you can run the business and not the other way around. We know that when you buy our software, what you're actually doing is buying back your time, and that's something that should be jealously guarded. And that's why we work so hard for you to build the system you trust.

This is our vision and commitment: To keep listening, keep building, keep improving because while you're out there building your business, we're working just as hard here building your software. We need each other, we know it, we're quite proud of it, and we can't wait for what's next. Most of all, we're glad you're with us.

You build your business. We'll build your software.