We're All about Productivity and Simplicity

The battle cry of the paperless society really gained traction with the advent of the personal computer in the 1980s, and it always went something like, "simplicity now!" But the death of paper was always greatly exaggerated. It's kind of like all that talk about how we were going to switch over to the metric system. Yeah.

It's funny how things actually work out sometimes, and it's especially funny to watch the futurists squirm under the weight of their unfulfilled prophecies. But let's cut to the chase, shall we? It's not about saving trees, eliminating hard copy, or dressing like Judge Dredd. Tech is just supposed to make life simpler. Lots of times, however, it doesn't. And lots of other times, it certainly makes promises but the learning curve can be steep. But life isn't about what's fair or unfair, it's about doing what you can with what you have in your hands. History proves that this is all anyone has ever needed in order to be successful. And if you have TCWorkflow, you have a lot within your grasp.

It's a truism in life that any new thing you learn is going to take longer and be more frustrating in the beginning than it is in the end. Why? Because once you've learned a thing or two, it always gets easier. We contend that it's worth it to learn, though, whether that means figuring out how to do things slowly in the quiet on your own or in the clamor of collaborative teamwork. At some point well after you've begun actually trying—then doing—you discover for yourself the best way to streamline your work and make it efficient. From that place, things can only get better.

May we give you a little pep talk?

If you want productivity and simplicity, you're going to have to earn it. This is gut check territory. This is where you find out how bad you want it. Are you going to sit and settle with the status quo, or are you going to get up, crank up a positive attitude, and get with the program? Life favors the engaged, make no mistake.

But we make it easy. TCWorkflow gives you stuff like task templates, which allow you to create what you need once, then reuse it again and again. It's like we don't just save trees, we even save virtual ones, too. And we give you integration with the tools your agents are using, like Dotloop, so that you can even automate getting those e-signed contracts to all the places and people they need to get to. And, since your calendar is integrated, too, TCWorkflow knows when it's closing time for your clients. Fact is, no one takes you from contract to close as efficiently as we do because our automation does so much for you, saving you millions of clicks.

Do you want the ultimate in productivity and simplicity? Are you looking for the most powerful automation software in the industry? Look no further than TCWorkflow. We can help you gain back 2 hours a day, 10 hours a week, 40 hours a month. Imagine what you might be able to do if you didn't have to do as much.