How Many Games Have You Missed?

He’s eleven years old, and she just turned nine. Both of them are playing with other boys and girls their age in a game this Saturday. It’s just flag football and they’re just kids, so it’s not like it’s the NFL, but they’re your kiddos, and you want to be there this time. The problem is that you can’t. Not with a task list this full, not with this many clients breathing down your neck.

You’ve got all kinds of pressing business, and you’ve taken to spending Saturdays catching up on everything you can’t get to during the week. Plus, hello, in your industry, Saturdays and Sundays are workdays. You mutter under your breath, “It would be great if this thing could run itself for a little while.”

Feeling SaaSy About Automation

We’ve got great news for you. Automation is a thing, baby, and it’s our thing. There simply is nobody else who does as much for you as we do. Imagine what today might be like if you didn’t even have to open a tab for your calendar in order to take care of your business. Wouldn’t it be nice if, for instance, when you needed to email documents at closing time, you didn’t have to sit down for half an hour to draft custom language, burrow around in your drive for the pertinent contracts, attach them, check the whole shebang for errors, and finally send it― only to have to do it all over again for the next client? Imagine: you might actually get something done.

Our system does all this and more automatically. So, welcome to the part where you get your life back.

The 2/10/40 Principle

We estimate you’re losing two hours a day just dealing with simple tasks like responding to emails, sorting through documents, and updating your calendar and task list. We propose to help you recover those two hours a day. How? By automating all that junk. Two hours doesn’t sound like much time, but please allow us to do the math for you. Two hours a day is the same as ten hours a week (and that’s if you’re only working Monday through Friday). And ten hours a week is the same as forty hours a month. Can you imagine getting back a whole week every month? Our 2/10/40 principle makes it all possible. Imagine what you’d do if you didn’t have to do as much.

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