Escape Velocity: What Does It Take?

The Saturn V rocket is still one of the most complicated machines we have ever managed to build, and to this day, probably the most impressive. Its five F1 engines produced 7.6 million pounds of thrust and burned more fuel in one second than Charles Lindbergh used to cross the entire Atlantic. The Saturn V stood 363 feet tall on the launchpad, and its first stage alone burned twenty tons of liquid oxygen and kerosene per second. The F1 engines, firing for precisely 164 seconds, carried the machine to an altitude of 42 miles, which was where subsequent stages kicked in and carried it into orbit at an altitude of about 114 miles. Only then, when the Saturn V was clipping along at 20,000 miles per hour, was a moon shot possible. The high altitude meant less effect from gravity and less resistance from the atmosphere, which gave decided advantages. But in order to get the astronauts into this position, which made a mission to the moon feasible, there was a fantastic amount of fuel expended, a huge amount of heavy lifting, and years of preparation.

Overnight Billionaires

There’s a similar story about Mark Zuckerberg, who reportedly overheard somebody complaining about how people like him and Jeff Bezos, Elon Musk, et al., were suddenly becoming “overnight billionaires.” Zuckerberg’s reply was along these lines: “I spent twelve years working my butt off, until one day, I became an ‘overnight success.’”

A Little Help from Your Friends

It’s the same in your business. You see on the horizon where you want to be, and you know your goals. But today, there’s lots of work to be done and there will be again tomorrow. You can either keep doing it the way you’ve always done it or you can embrace new technologies that do all the mundane and repetitive stuff for you.

Get More Done

We freely admit that yeah, we aren’t building a Saturn V rocket around here. But what we are doing is leveraging your technological opportunities like no one else: to put all that lost time back into your pocket so you can get more done. If you’ve ever looked at your task list and wondered if there was a way to get your calendar, email, documents, and contacts on the same page, you’ve found the solution you need.

Get More!

It really does take years of hard work to reach escape velocity— the point at which anything feels possible. Let us be the engine that can give you your own moon shot. Click here now to get started.