Mandy Troutman/Riedinger: CEO and Founder at List2Close

One of the first things you might notice about Mandy Troutman/Riedinger when you're on the phone with her is her laugh. It is clear and honest, coming from deep down, suggesting that you have the pleasure of talking with someone who's real. It's often the details that matter most, and Mandy majors on that kind of stuff for sure; it's how she's wired.

When she recently took a little time for a quick chat with us, we began with the usual CV bullet points, which in her case are really impressive. Mandy is one of our top producers at TCWorkflow, and hers is the first team we ever had the pleasure of serving. She is the CEO and founder of List2Close Management in Seminole, Florida and the vice president of the NATC (National Association of Transaction Coordinators).

Tell us a little bit about you.

We asked her what she does, primarily, and what got her into the TC world within the real estate space. Mandy says, "I run our team and coach TCs. I have seventeen team members currently and coach fourteen others across the country. I grew up in a real estate household. I did buyer’s agent in Texas— it was a short sale market in ‘06 and ’07 and back then, it took a year to close deals." She decided that wasn't a good fit and moved back home to Florida shortly thereafter. She built the business she runs currently from scratch, starting about four years ago. Explaining her love for transaction management, Mandy says, "I've always been a detail person." Running the team is enjoyable for her, for sure, but the day-to-day struggle comes in trying to build the business to the point where she can just focus on coaching. We asked her if she's feeling the tension of transition from where she is to where she wants to be, and she agreed like any driven leader would.

Mandy is currently vice president of the NATC, and her colleagues are urging her to consider running for president. She remains unconvinced. "Everyone keeps asking me what my five-year plan is and I keep saying that I don't really know. I just got married not even a year ago, and I still want to have kids. But it’s in God’s hands." Indeed.

So, what brought you to TCWorkflow?

When asked what brought her to us and what keeps her here, Mandy says, "I had been using any program I could find. I was using Brokermint as a transaction platform, but that was a while ago. I used to do everything on paper. I did some research and started using Preclose, but they didn’t have a team-friendly platform, plus there was a contract." She is convinced that it is unethical for a software company to have any kind of in-house dealings with TCs. She will not do business with people who get in bed with potential conflicts of interest, pay kickbacks, or have even the appearance of shady underhanded dealings, and that sometimes narrows the field a bit in regard to vendors. "I used Wiseagent, which was okay but super slow and cumbersome." Her experience with their customer support felt sketchy to her, like someone was working at their kitchen table with babies crying and dogs barking in the background.

A couple of years ago, right about the time Shane made his first appearance with TCWorkflow at the Dallas TC retreat, Mandy checked into both TC Docs and TC Workflow, and her data analyst, Drew, pointed out that TC Workflow was simply better in every way. Mandy again found that she was uncomfortable doing business with providers that had family members actively working as TCs themselves. "I didn’t want to give our data or processes away to potential competitors. The product might be okay, but I don’t promote [those platforms] and don’t feel comfortable sharing my data with them."

Mandy says that our competitors might have released a few updates, "but Shane is so far above that. The thing I love about Shane is that he listens to the community, he’s involved, and he responds to suggestions and questions. I love that he has built his system on that mindset, to build something that was useful to everybody but not try to build a TC company behind it."

So, what can we do to make your job easier?

Mandy doesn't really have any complaints, although her firm has thoroughly customized their account to automate some of the procedures unique to their particular workflows. Really, that's the beauty of TCWorkflow: that's precisely how Shane built it. TCWorkflow enables our users to shoot the moon, to make our system do whatever they want, however they want it done.

And of course there's more to come, since we push regular updates to our servers. At the time of writing, Mandy was anticipating our June 2019 update bundle, which included reporting, integration with Outlook, and invoicing directly with Quickbooks and other accounting software solutions. "The reporting is something that we’re really looking forward to. We’re still using spreadsheets for that, even now, as a result of the number of transactions we do per month," she says. "We're also looking forward to the Quickbooks integration."

We asked her if we could make any improvements. She said, "Our team loves it. They say they can’t live without it. The core of the product surpasses anything I’ve ever seen."

What's going on out there and what do you think about it?

When asked what she's hearing and seeing in her day-to-day, Mandy expresses a little concern about how the industry is shifting toward new digital realities: some of the big agencies are carrying inventory and automating the process of buying and selling a home. She wonders if that trend will encroach on a TCs customary territory. In the end, though, she says, "I’m just trying to focus on the things we’re doing well. I think a lot of people are nervous and scared, especially agents. But they will never want to do the paperwork, so that should increase our demand as VAs [Virtual Assistants], and I think the profession for TCs is growing." She adds, "People will always want to buy and sell houses. There have been so many changes! We’re just focusing on what we’re good at and we will keep doing it."

Mandy and her team were some of the earliest adopters of TCWorkflow. "I was the first team Shane ever had," she says. We asked her where she's making serious headway. "We’ve had a lot of opportunities to grow in certain areas, but I’ve been learning how to say no." That has implications for just how successful an operation she's running in Florida. When you have to begin to learn how to say no, people must be taking notice.

Mandy is a self-described shy, timid person, but she freely admits that she "goes all gangster" whenever Drake comes on the radio. "It’s a good stress reliever, and it still shocks my husband." And as we end the call, she reassures us that she's happy to have spent the time. "Anything I can do to help you. Thank you, guys, for everything you’re doing."

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